Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday April 7, 2009 - Rainbow Meadow Farms 1st blog

It is my hope that this blog will allow us to stay in better contact with our customers and friends. I hope that we can keep a better update of our current specials, what we are out of, what's new and in general what's going on at the farm that day, recipes, etc.

Some of today's chores: April 7th

Daddy and Raymond moved a bunch of lambs to new pastures

Genell, John and the kids worked in the CSA garden covering the veggies with straw to hopefully keep them from freezing.

Feeding bottle lambs, picking up eggs, feeding the chickens and pigs

Getting new paddocks ready for the grass-fed steers

Moving our new Devon Bull to his pasture

New Chicken Sausages are in stock: Garlic Bratwurst, Maple Sage Breakfast Links, Sweet Italian w/ red and green peppers and parmesan cheese.

Genell is working hard with the kids, homeschooling and working to get the Produce CSA up and running. We have lots of veggies being planted. Planted now are:

3 different lettuces
Spring Onions
Garden Peas
Swiss Chard (Red, Green and Rainbow)
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
Red Cabbage
Potatoes (Red Pontiac, All Blue, Rose Finn Apple Fingerling, Yukon Gold)
Mesclun Lettuces (not sure how they will do)

The first peppers and tomatoes will go in after the cold spell. We still have some openings for our Produce CSA and Meat CSA. Join now before we run out of spaces.

Hardy and Alena (12 and 11) are excited about the CSA garden. Because we homeschool, we plan on using it as a learning experience. The kids are learning what to plant, timing, ecology, sustainable agriculture as well as how to manage a budget, harvest, store and market their veggies. We will be incorporating science, art, photography, math, health and business as well as a few other subjects with this project. We'll keep you posted on all the successes and frustrations along the way as well as our favorite farm recipes.

Say a prayer that it doesn't actually freeze tonight.


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