Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday's "Happenings From The Meadow"

Thursdays are our big delivery day. Mama (Sandra) has been busy all day getting orders to the restaurants. We have several customers coming by to pick up their lamb for the Passover. The kids and I worked in the garden this morning, watering transplants, pulling few weeds, etc. The garden peas and potatoes are looking great. Bell peppers still too little to transplant yet. Now, the kids and I are getting our homeschooling done. Daddy and Raymond are moving the grass-fed steers to new pasture and tagging and weighing some new lambs.

Here is what is on the stove for tonight's supper....

Roasted Chicken w/ Sage and Thyme
Salad of Mixed Greens w/ Crispy Pig Ears, Poached Egg and Capers with a Red Wine Vinagrette

A friend of mine sent me a great video. When you get a chance watch it. It is long about 48 minutes but well worth the time. Seeing Rebekah Hosking and her Dad with the farm made me cry. Rebekah could be me. I saw our farm story in Rebekah's; the hard work, long hours, and often little money, as well as her parents urging her to get an education and leave the farm. You can leave the farm, but for me the farm makes up the essential fabric of who I am. My family has farmed this land since 1746. They kept it during the Civil War and during the Great Depression. I have to see it survive through another generation. This video is so inspiring and challenging to me. Can I make my farm land fertile enough to produce like it should? Can I truly be part of the solution and not part of the problem? Can I meet the challenge of sustainable and socially responsible agriculture? Can we farmers re-create a healthy, local food system in North Carolina to feed people in the 21st century, thereby reducing fuel usage, promoting biodiversity, and food security? It is a tremendous challenge but one we must undertake and quickly.

Let me know what you think about the video.


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