Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2013 Farm Specials

Poultry Box: $87.99
1 Whole Chicken
4 Quail
2 packages of Skinless Boneless Chicken Breasts
1 lb of Ground Chicken
1 package of Chicken Sausages (your choice of what’s available – Sundried Tomato/Pesto (or) Sweet Italian w/ Bell Peppers and Parmesan Cheese (or) Spinach Garlic (or) Maple Sage Breakfast
1 package of 2-piece Chicken Wings (great for a Christmas party)
1 package of Skinless Boneless Chicken Thighs (make some Chicken and White Bean Chile)
1 package of Sage Turkey Sausage w/ Cranberries 

Small Family Value Box: $76.99
2 Skinless/Boneless Breasts of Chicken
1 pack Bone-in Chicken Thighs
1 Ground Beef
1 package of Andouille
1 package of Extra Sage Pork Sausage (perfect for sausage balls at Christmas party)
2 slices of Apple Wood Ham
1 package of Beef Chuck Steaks (minute steaks for pan frying, quick grilling, braising, or stir- fry)
1 package Boneless Beef Stew
1 package of Pork Osso Bucco (Recipe: posted on our Facebook page and our blog at )

Large Family Value Box: $105.99
1 Whole Chicken
2 packages of Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast
1 package of Bacon
1 Pork Shoulder Roast
1 Polish Pork Sausage
1 London Broil
1 package of Beef Osso Bucco
1 Ground Beef
1 package of Jalapeno/Cheese Beef sausage 

Christmas Party Box: $99.99
1 Tenderized Apple Wood Ham
1 London Broil - (here’s a recipe-just substitute the London Broil for Flank Steak: )
1 Whole Duck $25.00
1 package of Longaniza (Hot Dogs) – slice for cocktail weanies
1 package Extra Sage Mild Bulk Sausage (perfect for sausage balls)
1 package of 2-piece Chicken Wings  

Other Specials:
Hot Bulk Sausage (slightly hot) – Buy 2, get 1 free (would work great in Christmas Sausage Ball recipe)
Rack of Lamb - $19.99/lb 

We also have Turkey Breast, Leg of Lamb, Pork Loins, Hams and Chuckar Quail available for your Christmas dinner.  We are currently taking reservations and have a limited supply.