Monday, April 27, 2009

Farm Bio-security measures

I wanted to make a couple of comments regarding how we maintain bio-security here at Rainbow Meadow Farms. With the outbreak of swine flu, I felt that we need to discuss this. First off, the flu outbreak in the US is not actually coming from pigs at this time. Apparently, it began as a version of avian influenza H1N1, mutated and transferred to pigs and now has mutated again and crossed over into humans. So far all cases in the US have come from human to human transmission, particulary from people that have recently travelled to Mexico. Now about our bio-security measures.

1. We do not bring live hogs onto our property as a routine practice nor do we mix our hogs with other people's hogs. When we have to bring on a new boar, we institute a quarrentine period before introducing him into our herd.
2. When our hogs leave our property it is to go straight to the slaughterhouse. We disinfect our vehicle before returning from the slaughterhouse.
3. Our pastures are fairly secluded with woods sorrounding several sides.
4. We are very particular and careful about any farm visitors.
5. We have the same people (family and one employee) working with our animals every day and no one that has recently travelled outside North Carolina, much less the country.

Because of this outbreak of swine flu, we are being extremely careful any vistors coming on to our farm. Don't be surprised if we get very restrictive about who visits over the next month or so. We routinely export livestock outside the country to the Caribbean, so we have to be extra vigilant about bio-security and animal health.

Don't worry about eating pork from Rainbow Meadow Farms. Firstly, properly cooked pork is safe to eat. Secondly, we would not take any pigs that were sick to be processed. And once again, we keep our pigs segregated from any other pigs. So, you are safe to eat pork. We hope you choose to eat Rainbow Meadow Farms Berkshire pork. You are more likely to get this strain of the flu from being around people that have been exposed to it either through travel or being around someone that has recently travelled out of the country. Visit to keep up with the latest on the H1N1 strain of flu.

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