Saturday, April 18, 2009

Latest Happenings from the Meadow.....

This week has been really busy. The kids have been working hard on their CSA garden. Red potatoes are looking good and the blue potatoes are just starting to come up. They planted lots of squash and cucumbers as well as some peppers and also Heirloom Tomatoes. Eggplant seedlings will go in soon. The kids are excited. Even Jeffy is helping. My main job is to keep Jeffy from pulling up the transplants.
We processed our first two steers this week. So, beef will be ready in about 3 weeks. We are working on pricing and will be posting it next week. Let us know if you are interested in reserving some. We also processed a new batch of rabbits this week.
We had new litters of pigs born this week. One sow had ten pigs. Lambs are popping out everywhere!!! 11 ewes lambed yesterday. The lambing barn is full with one ewe in the hallway. We have a new batch of chicks born, both the Contentnea Reds and Tuscarora Black. The Tuscarora Black are a special gourmet chicken and we will have only a small number of them at this time.
We are getting a group of sheep as well as rabbits together to get medical tests done for exporting. The animals will be going to a friend of ours farm in Trinidad within the next month or so.
Hardy and Alena are beginning a science unit in our homeschool on Ecology/Environmental Biology. They are learning appropriate vocabulary like population dynamics, overpopulation, beneficial insects, communities, ecosystems, abiotic and biotic factors, etc. They are also learning about permaculture and will be incorporating permaculture techniques into their garden.
We have the Spring Run Market in Greenville today from 1-3pm. Come by and check us out. We still have openings for our Produce CSA and our Meat CSA. Check out the website,
Hope you enjoy the pictures. Jeffy took time out to smell the flowers late in the afternoon. Let's all remember to take time out to enjoy spring.

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