Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Realities of GMO grains

I want to take a moment to discuss the realities of GMO grains. Small grains have not been genetically modified at this point except for wheat, which is not approved yet for commercial usage. All of the oats, barley, wheat, millet and sorghum that we feed our animals is from non-GMO seed. Virtually all of the corn a...nd soybeans grown in the US are genetically modified because that is the seed available. Everyone needs to understand the complexity of the GMO issue. If you plant a non-GMO variety in your field and the farmer next to you or nearby plants a GMO variety it is highly likely that your field will be contaminated by pollen from their plants. Even honey is considered to be suspect for GMO's because of the bees being a source for cross-pollination. We all wish that there were better options at this point but unless one has fields that are completely isolated by trees and they test for contamination it is hard to offer 100% assurity of non-GMO fed animals.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Box Specials

2 packages of Skinless Boneless Breast
1 pack of Chicken Wings (perfect for tailgate parties)
1 pack Ground Beef
1 pack of Boneless Beef Stew
1 Smoked Polish Pork Sausage or Smoked Pork Sausage w/ Peppers and Onions
1 package of Pork Chops (2 in pack)
1 lb Applewood Smoked Bacon
1 package of Mild Bulk or Maple Pork Sausage (you choose)

1 Whole Chicken
2 package Skinless Boneless Breast
1 package of Pork St. Louis Ribs
1 package of Mild Bulk or Maple Pork Breakfast Sausage (you choose)
2 packs of Chicken Wings (great for Tailgate Party)
1 package of Ground Beef
1 package of Boneless Beef Stew

LAMB BOX - $49.99
1 pack Boneless Lamb Cubes for Kabob or Stew (1.5-2.5 lbs)
1 Lamb Sausage (Italian or Sun-Dried Tomato/Feta Cheese/Basil – your choice)
2 packs of Lamb Riblets (perfect for crockpot)
1 Rack of Lamb (8 bone rack) (1.75-2.25 lbs)

1 Chuck Roast (about 3 lbs)
5 lbs Ground Beef

2 pack of Beef Osso Bucco
1 pack Boneless Beef Stew
2 pack Ground Beef
1 pack Cubed Steak

Christmas Party Box - $25.00
2 packs Mild Bulk Pork Sausage
2 packs Chicken Wings
1 pack of Apple wood Bacon (6 slices)

* Pork Shanks for Osso Bucco -- $4.50/lb, was $5.00/lb (about 2 lbs)
* St. Louis Pork Ribs – $6.50/lb (3-4 lbs), normally $7.00/lb
* Hot Pork Sausage (Bulk) - $5.00/lb (normally $6.00/lb), limited supply
*Pork Neckbones – Value Priced at $1.50/lb (great for crockpot w/ Barbeque sauce)