Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Heritage American Devon/Angus Beef Boxes

Grass-based diet, Dry-aged for 3 weeks
Did you know that the standard for commodity beef is wet-aging? Beeves are processed and cut into primals, then cryovacuumed. This wet-aging process can be a prime breeding ground for E.coli. We don't do this. Our beeves are slaughtered and the carcasses are dry-aged for three weeks before the carcasses are ever cut-up. The water conductivity levels on these carcasses are very low, therefore not very conducive to the growth of E.coli. Yes, we lose some carcass weight by aging this way but we think it is worth it. Afterall, the goal is not maximizing profit but producing clean food that we want to feed our family and yours.
Small box: $55.00
• 1 Chuck Roast
• 1 Sirloin Tip or Shoulder Roast
• 1 package of Stir Fry
• 5 lb Ground Beef
Large Box: $75.00
• 2 T-Bone Steaks
• 1 Roast (Shoulder or Chuck)
• 1 package Osso Bucco
• 5 lb Ground Beef
• 1 package Cube Steak

Beef Best Value Packages
1/4 of a Beef: $5.75/lb
1/2 of a Beef: $5.50/lb

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